Security Entrance Swing Gates | Automatic Systems

A true complement to security entrance lanes, the swing gates complement any facility that requires wide access in order to facilitate emergency egress or accommodate the mobility-impaired, deliveries or bulky objects.


Smart Style, Serious Security



SmartLane 935
Matching SmartLane 900

SmartLane 936
Matching SmartLane 901

SmartLane 937
Matching SmartLane 902



PMD series

A high performance classic

The PMD swing gates are used in conjunctions with the PNG portals. They are similar in design, thus allowing an esthetically-pleasing uniformity when installed in a battery.


PMD 335 - matching PNG 380

PMD 336 - matching PNG 381

PMD 335
Matching PNG 380

PMD 336
Matching PNG 381

PMD 337
Matching PNG 382



PPV series

Tailored discretion

The PPV swing gates can be used alone or in conjunction with other products such as the PNG, SlimLane and TBV. They can be installed discretely and aesthetically in the entrance area of the building.


PPV 323 Waist-height Swing Gate - Matching TBV

PPV 323
Waist-height Swing Gate
Matching PNG, SlimLane & TBV



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