BL 46 - Fenced barrier gates



Similar to the BL 4x innovations, the BL 46 raising barrier is equipped as standard with a folding skirt. The BL46 makes it possible to close an access (up to 7m) securely, making it impassable for vehicles, but also for pedestrians.


Its main features are :


Reinforced security

  • Closing access to pedestrians as well, even on a very wide road
  • Boom lock integrated into the column (option)
  • Very robust barrier


The main market segments concerned are :


  • Perimeter access (tertiary, industries...)
  • Sensitive sites


See available options and accessories.



The BL46 barrier gate is equipped with a flexible skirt.

 Frenquency of Use:

 Moderate to intensive use

 Width of passage:

 from 10 ft (3 m) to 23.3 ft (7 m)

 Opening/closing time:

 from 3.5 seconds (adjustable)

 Electrical Power Supply:

 120 VAC, 60 HZ

 Power consumption (rest/movement):

 450/950W (max)

 Net weight (excluding arm):

 550 lbs (250kg)

 Operating temperature:

 -4°F to ± 122°F (-20°C to ± 50°C)

 MCBF (Mean Cycle Before Failure):

 1,250,000 cycles


For more information please download the technical datasheet

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