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Well-built for increased durability, our tripod turnstiles efficiently control high throughput. Since they can be installed inside or outside buildings, our tripod turnstiles provide unfailing control of occasional user abuse.


Main Benefits :


. Bi-directional turnstile made especially for quick access control in areas with high traffic but limited space

. Non-removable stainless steel arms to prevent vandalism

. Durable, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty mechanism for extended service life


Other advantages :


. Serious Security

. Mechanical locking against infractions for increased security and greater turnstile durability

. Compact turnstile with arms that do not encroach the walkway


. Durable & Reliable

. Covers and outer side panels made from superior-quality stainless steel for exceptional durability

. Sturdy, corrosion-resistant and heavy-duty mechanism for extended service life


. Ergonomics & User Protection

. Adjustable-pressure hydraulic shock absorbers for silent, smooth rotation and a progressive slowing down of the arm rotation

. Orientation pictograms to facilitate throughput


. Easy Installation

. Front and rear sections specially designed to integrate the selected access control system

. Many configurations covering all possible pedestrian access control scenarios


Applications :


As an access-control application, the TR 490 tripod turnstile is a true "tank" that withstands repeated wear and tear in high-volume pedestrian areas in :

. Schools, universities and colleges

. Office buildings, head offices, administrative sites

. Industrial and manufacturing facilities

. Sports centers, Cultural or entertainment venues

. Ports and harbors


Matching products :


Multiple arrays of TR 490 will be enhanced by the PPV 323 swing gate, accessible for wheelchairs


See available options and accessories here




 Bidirectional tripod with a freestanding  housing supported by 2 legs and  equipped with 3 rotary arms made from  solid steel capstans mounted on ball-  bearings

 Overall dimensions
 (Length x Width x Height):

 48" x 291/2" x 39" (1219 x 737 x 991 mm)  (1)

 Lane width:

 20" (508 mm)


 25 people/minute,
 depending on the access control  system

 Opening / closing speed:

 2 to 4 seconds for a complete rotation

 Level of Security:


 MCBF (mean cycle before  failure):

 5,000,000 (2)

 Adapted to reduced  mobility

 No, we recommand to install a dedicated  lane for the mobility-reduced using the  PPV 323

 Operating temperature:

 -4°F to ± 122°F (-20°C to ± 50°C)

 Basic Finishes (2):

 Housing: steel 16 calibre (1.5 mm)
 End caps: brushed stainless steel #4  finish
 Arms: steel
 Hub cover: thermoform black ABS

 Operating modes:



 Compatible with all access control  systems



(1) Includes the horizontal turnstile arm
(2) With preventive maintenance

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