Wide Swing Door Optical Turnstile With Compact Footprint | SlimLane 950



SlimLane 950 - Optical Turnstiles


The SlimLane 950 Swing Door Barrier Optical Turnstile provides enhanced access control in both directions of passage. It offers a wider passage for people with reduced mobility or for service personnel in a compact footprint.

NEW: SimLane 950SC with a smaller footprint for a better integration!


Main Benefits :



  • Transparent and elegant design
  • Streamlined forms and glass obstacles
  • Minimal footprint for maximum throughput
  • Top quality assembly and finish
  • Aesthetic and functional pictograms



  • UL 2593 certified for maximum user protection
  • Dynamic, electronic user protection based on traffic direction
  • ‘EGRESS’ operating mode meets the highest fire safety standards
  • Design to prevent finger entrapment and all impacts
  • Precision controlled  tempered glass obstacles
  • In the event of power outage, the obstacles will breakaway manually with minimal force or will open automatically with the optional battery backup



  • High-performance electronic detection system based on a high density matrix of infrared beams preventing unauthorized use
  • Fast double swing doors for immediate lane closure
  • Electromechanical locking to withstand forced entry attempts
  • Audio and visual signals to indicate unauthorized usage


Reliability & Performance

  • Robust design based on 40 years of experience and over 90 million daily users
  • Long life cycle, low maintenance costs
  • Fourth generation of security entrance lanes


Applications :


  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Government buildings and institutions
  • Office buildings, head offices, administrative sites
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Airports, etc.


Complementary products :


The wider SlimLane 950 Swing Door Barrier Optical Turnstile can be easily combined with SlimLane 940 or with PPV 323 glass swing gates.


See available options and accessories



NEW: SlimLane 950 swing door barrier optical turnstile  is now available with a shorter cabinet:


SlimLane 950SC - 50" (1274 mm) Footprint 




 Fast double swing door
 Bi-directional motorized operation

 Level of security:


 Obstacle height:

 35 1/2" (900 mm)

 Overall dimensions
 (Length x Width x Height):

 641/2" x 51 3/4" x 39" (1640 x 1314 x 991 mm)

 Lane width:

 36" (914 mm)

 Footprint SlimLane 950

 64 1/2" (1640 mm)

 Footprint SlimLane 950SC:

 50" (1274 mm)


 Maximum 60 people/minute,
 depending on the access control system

 Opening / closing speed:

 <1.0 sec (programmable)


 UL 2593 certified

 Adapted to reduced mobility


 Basic Finishes:

 Cabinet: stainless steel, No. 4 brush  finish
 Top cover: stainless steel, No. 4 brush  finish
 Obsctacles: clear 3/8" (10 mm) thick  tempered  glass

 Operating modes:

 Entry: Free, controlled, locked
 Exit: Free, controlled, locked


 Compatible with all access control systems



               SLIMLANE 950SC 

           SLIMLANE 950 




For more information download the technical datasheet

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