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Automatic Systems, a subsidiary of Bolloré Group, is a world leader in automated control equipment for pedestrian and vehicle entrances.


  • Secure control of vehicle access

Automatic Systems offers a vast range of rising, swinging, or fenced barriers, and retractable terminals and obstacles, meeting the needs of operators of highway tolls, traffic management and car parks. This equipment also provides boundary control for entrances to sensitive sites such as harbor structures, industrial sites at risk...

  • Secure control of pedestrian access

Designed to allow fast access to authorized persons only, the Automatic Systems pedestrian entry control equipment – secure portals, swing gates, turnstiles and security booths... - are integrated perfectly into the halls of office buildings, at the entrances of banks, registered offices, administrative buildings or even recreation sites.

  • Passenger access control

Automatic Systems serves the operators and integrators of public transport with a range of access control equipment fulfilling their requirements for performance, integration and modularity. Using highly advanced technologies with regards to unicity detection and control, Automatic Systems also develops automated solutions allowing airports and governmental authorities to control passengers at immigration checkpoints such as when boarding.

  • An international presence

The Automatic Systems group is present around the world thanks to its subsidiary companies and offices established in Europe, Asia and North America, as well as through its international network of distributors.


Based on industrial experience spanning 45 years, Automatic Systems designs and manufactures control equipment for paid access (public transport systems, highway tolls…) and secure access (building access, boarding control, immigration control ...).


 For more information, download Automatic Systems Corporate Profile



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