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AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS, a world leader in the field of automated secure entrance control, designs and manufactures pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access control equipment.


Did you know...

Automatic Systems is the fastest growing manufacturer of speed gates in North America. Source: www.ihs.com

The SlimLane security entrance lane is now UL certified. The SlimLane joins the broad range of certified products offered by Automatic Systems.

Automatic Systems ParkPlus Parking Gate has been selected as the New Product of the Year winner in the category of Perimeter security.

New Product

Automatic Systems has been selected as the winner of "Best Perimeter Protection Product" 2014 by GSN www.gsnmagazine.com

Automatic Systems is a member of the Security Industry Association



 Automatic Systems is a Registered Provider with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems www.aia.org



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